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Consideration of a Resolution of the City Commission of the City of Parkland, Florida approving Site Plan and Community Appearance Board applications submitted by Coastal Community Church of Ft. Lauderdale, Inc. for a place of worship generally located on the east side of University Drive approximately 1,200 feet north of Holmberg Road; and providing for an effective date.


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Meeting History

Mar 9, 2017 6:00 PM  Planning and Zoning Board Regular Meeting
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Director Michele Mellgren greeted the Board and gave a PowerPoint presentation. The site which is being proposed to construct a Community Church sits on 7.29 acres and was platted for 60,000 sq. ft. Religious institution use and 10,000 sq. ft. Of daycare use. Tonight we are looking at Phase I of two phases. Coastal Community Church is proposing a 16,500 square feet of worship space, classrooms, office and related space. The proposed height of the phase 1 building is 28 feet, which is less than the maximum of 45 feet. The applicant is proposing to provide 144 parking spaces in phase I, including 10 handicapped spaces. Thirty-seven (37) of these spaces will be grass parking on a stabilized surface. The approved plat provides for access to the north and south ends of the property via two turn lanes on Northbound University Drive. The applicant was required to submit a traffic statement to identify the impacts of phase I development on University Drive and to ensure that the proposed development would provide safe and adequate access. The City’s traffic consultant for this project has confirmed the development will not have significant impacts on the traffic slow within vicinity of the project. The lighting at the property will be shielded downwards to prevent light spilling into surrounding areas. The applicant is proposing a 30 square foot sign over the main entry door facing University Drive and a 24 square-foot non-illuminated monument sign. Since the parcel is less than 7.5 acres, the monument sign cannot be illuminated. The City’s landscape Architect has reviewed the landscape plans and finds them to be consistent with the requirements of the Code.

Pastor Timothy (“TJ”) McCormick addressed the Board and gave a history of the Church which is predominately made up of young families.

Chairman Murray Zweig opened the meeting to the public. Several Members spoke on behalf of the church and gave their testimonial.

Steve Siebert, Architect, explained to the Board that he designs a building based on the personality of the client. The blue color is part of their logo. The families that attend want something that is vibrant, alive and fits their personalities.

The Planning & Zoning Board Members all welcome the Church to the City of Parkland. The Board members like the Site Plan layout, but unanimously feel that the architect of the building is not compatible with the City. Therefore, they will approve the Site Plan but is asking the applicant to come back with revised plans for a special meeting to a date certain of March 27, 2017 for Community Appearance Board approval. This will still allow applicant to go before the City Commission which is scheduled for April 5th.

Board Member Tony Avello motioned to table Community Appearance Board Item V1. A.1. to a date certain of March 27, 2017. Board Member Lynne Fenoglio seconded the motion.

Board Member Tony Avello motioned to approve Site Plan with a condition that the Church is responsible for any expenses incurred for hiring Police detail during periods of increased traffic. Board Member Joel Kaplan seconded the motion.

Motion passed unanimously (7-0)

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MOVER:Anthony Avello, Board Member
SECONDER:Lynne Fenoglio, Board Member
AYES:Lynne Fenoglio, Murray Zweig, Gina Stephens, Anthony Avello, Joel Kaplan, Nathaniel Klitsberg, John Willis, Bob Robes
ABSENT:Andrew Klein