P&Z Staff Report

Consideration of a resolution of the City Commission of the City of Parkland, Florida, granting site plan amendment and community appearance board approval for a retail establishment known as Brooklyn Water Bagels in the Waterways Shoppes located at the southwest corner of state road 441 and Loxahatchee Road; and providing for an effective date. Case numbers: SPA17-004 and CAB17-006.


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Meeting History

Aug 10, 2017 6:00 PM  Planning and Zoning Board Regular Meeting

Chairman, Murray Zweig, read the title for the record. Director, Michele Mellgren, explained to the Board that his will be a prototype for other Brooklyn Water Bagels around the U.S. Signage will be approved separately. Mellgren presented the Board with a powerpoint presentation and explained that it will be pet friendly. There will be outdoor refrigeration to store the dough which faces north, therefore, you cannot see it from the roadway. It has sufficient parking and bicycle racks will be provided.

Board Member Joel Kaplan made a motion to approve with staff recommendations along with an additional condition to include safety bollards to be integrated into the fence. Board Member Lynne Fenoglio seconded the motion. Board approved unanimously (7-0).

MOVER:Joel Kaplan, Board Member
SECONDER:Lynne Fenoglio, Board Member
AYES:Lynne Fenoglio, Murray Zweig, Gina Stephens, Anthony Avello, Joel Kaplan, John Willis, Bob Robes
ABSENT:Nathaniel Klitsberg, Andrew Klein