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Consideration of a Resolution of the City Commission of the City of Parkland, Florida, granting Community Appearance Board approval for revised elevations of previously approved models, and to incorporate a new color palette in the Four Seasons development, generally located south of Loxahatchee Road, 0.15 miles east of the Broward County Line; and providing for an effective date. Case number: CAB17-004.


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Meeting History

Aug 10, 2017 6:00 PM  Planning and Zoning Board Regular Meeting

Chairman Murray Zweig read the title for the record. Director Michele Mellgren went over her conditions of approval with the Board. Attorney Dennis Mele, representative for the applicant, gave a Power Point presentation. Four Seasons is seeking approval of additional model options for the previously approved 40 foot wide units on the 50 foot lots and a new color and material scheme. Mele states that he has no objections to the conditions that Mellgren mentioned, whereas certain models cannot be together for anti-monotony. They are proposing to reduce the ceiling height from twelve (12) feet to ten (10 feet. This option will reduce the overall cost to homeowners by reducing the construction costs. The previously approved units will remain a part of the Four Seasons portfolio. The proposed elevations are only an option for the seller to lessen purchase price.

Board Member Tony Avello inquired about the average price reduction. Dennis Mele states that we don't have exact prices but in the range about $30,000. Avello feels they need to make less money per home instead of lowering the ceilings since they are not selling.

Board Member John Willis feels the twelve (12) foot ceiling is more attractive and that it's a downgrade to some degree. This is a good faith move to pass on the savings to the consumer.

Board Member Lynne Fenoglio made a motion to approve with staff recommendations. Board Member John Willis seconded. Motion passed (6-1) with Tony Avello voting "no".

AYES:Lynne Fenoglio, Murray Zweig, Gina Stephens, Joel Kaplan, John Willis, Bob Robes
NAYS:Anthony Avello
ABSENT:Nathaniel Klitsberg, Andrew Klein